Meet Logan’s Close

We interviewed a couple of jokesters by the names of Scott Rough and Carl Marah. They're the rhythm and lead guitarists for the 60's-inspired rock 'n' roll band Logan's Close out of Edinburgh.


Meet Lauren Bird

Lauren Bird is a singer-songwriter out of Belfast. She plays a mean ukulele. Her songs are beautiful tragedies, dripping with heartbreaking emotion. After speaking with her about her introverted nature, I came to see that her songs are both a shield and a weapon she uses against everything the world throws at her. Lauren Bird is a reminder that, as Frou Frou once said, "There is beauty in the breakdown." She is also a testament to the healing power of music.

Keeping Punk Alive in Venice

Enrico Ganzerla (aka Ganz), vocalist and lead guitarist for the punk rock group On My Arms, was kind enough to meet up with me in his beloved Venice.  On My Arms is a four-piece pop punk band. The group is six years old. Aside from Ganz, there's also Ale on guitar, Remo on bass, and Marco on drums. The guys have all been friends since forever, though. They're a tightly-knit punk-loving family inspired and influenced by the likes of the Ramones. They write fun-loving pop punk songs that are young at heart.  I was initially supposed to interview the whole gang, but life intervened, and only Ganz was able to make it. C'est la vie. Ganz was a true ambassador for his city, taking me on a bit of a walking and tasting tour of Venice. Plus, he was a genuine, hilarious, and friendly guy. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him. It felt like I was talking with an old friend. We discussed his city, his band, and his love of music. This will be a common theme in these interviews. 

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