Metallica Takes Over Japan!

In my rush to update the blog a month ago, I completely forgot to post all of the photos from Metallica’s Bobblehead tour in Japan.┬áJapan truly was kind to the Metallica boys. They played all over the country, from Nikko, all the way to Shirakawago. Rock on, Japan!

Metallica had a WHALE of a time at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo. This was te first of five shows in Tokyo. A great way to kick off the Japanese tour.
Gundam it all down. Gundam it unbound. Gundam it all down to hell again.
The Call of the Beckoning Cat at Gotokuji Temple
The Lords of Winter play Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.
Live @ the Meiji Shrine
Run to the Hills (of Nikko)
The gang from Toy Story helped out on “Hero of the Day” during a show in Hakone. Who knew Mr. Potato Head was so good on the guitar?! Kirk might be out of a job soon…
On the Old Tokaido Highway, east of Susono…
Running, on our way/Hiding, you will pay/Climbing, ten thousand gates (at theFushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto).
Bamboo, Rise! (Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto)
Japan is Stone Cold Crazy about temples and pagodas. This pagoda is by the Kofuki-ji Temple in Nara.
And the road becomes my bride in Nara
Trapped Under a Waterfall in Nara
Outlaw Torii on Miyajima Island
Trapped Under Snow in Gokayama
Name this for me, chill the cold air in Shirakawago. Take the chill out of my life.

Metallica never disappoints with their lights and pyro show. Takayama was no exception.


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