The Travelling Trooper Says Farewell To Heron Island And Prepares To Head Home

It was difficult to say goodbye to the island; but at least we got one more snorkelling session in before boarding the ferry.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
These idiots think I’m one of them!


This guy is my favourite fishy. Love the colours.
Happy birthday to me!


When it was finally time to checkout, I reluctantly made my way to reception. I knew it was going to be a hefty bill, but I was afraid to find out the exact total.

Turns out I had reason to be afraid. Not only was it a couple more hundred than I had expected, but when I tried to charge it to my credit card, the card was declined!

I went online to check my credit card balance, and somehow, it was much lower than I remembered. I had been relying on the card to carry me through Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand for the next six weeks, but suddenly, it looked like it was game over.

Thankfully, I still had enough cash in my bank account to clear some of the card debt and make sufficient room for the Heron Island charge; but that practically cleared out my bank account too.

Now I was in real trouble.

I shot off a quick e-mail to Air Treks to see if they could still get me a partial refund on my remaining tickets. Thankfully, they got back to me fairly quickly. Instead of flying to Fiji on March 7th, I was going to be flying home to Toronto. On the plus side, it only cost me $250 thanks to the partial credit; and that’s with only two day’s notice.

And just like that, the universe gave me a plane ticket home for my birthday.

To be honest, a small part of me was relieved it was over. And by a small part of me I mean my body. My body ached all over. The truth is that travelling is physically exhausting–especially when you’re carrying 40 kg with you wherever you go.

And on an emotional level, I was excited to go home and see some familiar faces.

Of course, I was also sad I wouldn’t get to experience Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand; but they’ll always be there. Twenty-one countries in eight months and two days isn’t bad at all.

And hey, I could not think of a better way to wrap things up than three nights on Heron Island.

I’ll write a more in-depth summary of my feelings on this matter once I’ve caught you all up with the rest of the trip; for now, let’s go back to our regularly scheduled program.

Trevor and I rode the ferry with Judy and Henry.

Once back on the mainland, we said our goodbyes, and Trevor and I headed for Brisbane. We were going to spend the night with Patrick and his family.

The drive took a lot longer than I expected–mainly because my phone froze on me and I ended up driving for ages before realizing that Google Maps wasn’t responding anymore.

By the time we arrived, Pat was making pizza dinner for him and his four beautiful kids. He was on daddy duty for the night while the Mrs. was at work.

After dinner, he and I escaped out to his man-cave. This thing is the biggest shed I’ve ever seen in my life. It could probably double as a bomb shelter. There was a pool table, a bar, a loud speaker, and my personal favourite: This beauty.


This is an arcade with HUNDREDS of old school Nintendo, SNES, Genesis, and classic arcade games, such as the one pictured above. It had everything from the original Contra to old school WWF wrestling. I was in love. I jumped on this thing and–I’m proud to say–managed to clear X-Men Versus Street Fighter with ease despite not having played the game in two decades. Apocalypse was no match for Ken and Logan.

Dez eventually came home, and the three of us hung out in the man cave a bit more before going back in the house and finding a couple of their kids passed out on the living room couch. I really enjoyed hanging out with those two. They’re an easygoing, fun-loving pair.

Dammit, why do I always get attached?!


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