The Travelling Trooper Plays Tag With Some Black-Tipped Reef Sharks

More snorkelling!


It’s the HMS Protector!



Much like the sting ray, the first black tipped shark that swam past me probably took ten years off of my life. I was convinced it was a great white, and the Jaws theme music started playing in my head. And again, I knew that these guys eat mostly fish-shaped and fish-like creatures (e.g., fish), but in that first meeting, I composed a farewell message to my family in my head, and waited for the worst. As soon as he was gone, I was off in search of another one. 
Playing Hide and Seek, are we?
Found you!
I could never catch them, though.
Suddenly, I spotted a group of three or four sharks all swimming in one general area. With the fear all gone, I jumped right into a game of Tag. Much like the sting ray, though, I could never keep up with these guys. So that’s my PSA for everybody out there: Never play Tag with sharks. It’s not very fun.




Snorkelling isn’t much fun once the tide goes out. You look pretty foolish swimming without water, and you probably won’t see too many critters out and about at that point.

So Trevor and I took in one last tour with our favourite guide, Melissa. This was just a walk around the island.IMG_3026

So one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that this island is filled to the brim with birds. You hear them and see them all day. I was lucky in that I only got crapped on ONCE in the two and a half days we were there. The staff wear white hats so that the poop doesn’t show that much when they get pooped on. And these guys are the guilty parties. They’re called wedge-tailed shearwaters. There are also egrets all over the island. They look a lot like herons. They’re the reason the island is called Heron Island. Somebody mis-identified the bird once upon a time, and the island name just stuck. Those guys make some fuuuuunky sounds at night. When Trevor and I were heading back t oour room after having watched the sea turtle lay her eggs at night, I couldn’t see anything, but it sure sounded like some people were doing some funny business in the bushes. Nope, it was the egrets. I just wish I’d recorded some of it.


It’s poop warfare all over the island. These guys are merciless. RUTHLESS!


Apparently the yellow leaves are sacrificial leaves. The plant filters some of the salt from the water into the oldest leaf, and it turns yellow. Once it falls off, the next oldest leaf becomes the new sacrificial lamb.


These funky trees can sprout new branches that grow towards the ground so as to support them and keep them from falling.
Their roots also stick up way out of the ground.


After the walk, Trevor and I went back to the room to take a nice long nap. (And to hide from the sun for a while.)

We woke up in time for the sunset cruise, but unbeknownst to us, the cruise had been cancelled, since not enough people had signed up for it.

And so ended our second full day on the island.


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