The Travelling Trooper Goes Kayaking In Byron Bay

We only had a morning left in Byron Bay before we had to leave for Tambourine Mountain, which was only a couple hours away.

We spent the morning on a kayaking tour. The morning weather didn’t look too promising; those damn clouds were back. But I’m happy to say that the clouds were merciless on us.

Trevor and I arrived at the meeting spot just in time. There was an odd number of solo kayakers, so I was going to have to pair up with one of the guides. Dude looked exactly like Thor. He was massive. I figured I was going to be in for an easy morning. I didn’t even have to carry my own gigantic kayak down to the beach!

But just as our orientation and introduction wrapped up, one more girl showed up. Dammit!

The tour company’s website guarantees that you will see either dolphins or turtles on every tour, so I was pretty pumped. (Though I was hoping for turtles.)

We ended up seeing some dolphins.


After the tour, Trevor and I drove to Tambourine Mountain, where our host family, the Hearps, were waiting for us.

I never knew I had a dream home until I arrived at their place. It was a beautiful and gigantic two-storey house with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Their massive backyard grew everything from avocados to pomegranates. They had a hammock-filled balcony on the second floor. They had two adorable and affectionate dogs. There were paintings and cultural artefacts from all over the world covering every wall. It was magnificent!

I mean, when is the last time you were in a house that had a rumpus room? I had to look up what a rumpus room even is!

It was also the first time in four weeks that I had my own room with my own bed. The last time that happened, I was in Cambodia.

What made the place even more amazing, though, was the family itself. They were so loving and immediately made me feel like part of the family. They’re the kind of family that eats together at the dinner table and has a weekly night out at the nearby restaurant.

They immediately made me feel like a part of the family. I never wanted to leave. In fact, Trevor and I ended up extending our stay by an extra day because we loved staying with them so much.

The first night there, after dinner, Frazer, his dad, and I rushed to a–I’m not even sure what to call it–sound meditation session, maybe? It was led by a friend of Frazer’s dad in another friend’s living room.

We were told position ourselves in whatever way we were most comfortable–personally, I chose to lay down–and close our eyes.

Then this guy started moving some sort of baton around these crystal bowls that he had placed around him, and they produced an endless and constant ringing sound. I felt like I was in some sort of healing temple in Ocarina of Time.

The sound was so relaxing that it was easy to get lost in it. It was almost like the sound breaks through any thoughts you might have and just lulls you into a peaceful state.

Then out came the didgeridoo! Once the bowls have you in a bit of a trance, the didgeridoo takes you down a rabbit hole, and you lose all sense of time and space. I honestly don’t know how long we were there for. I think it was supposed to be 90 minutes, but when it was all said and done, I could’ve sworn we had just started. It was one of the trippiest things I’ve ever experienced.

Far out, man.


**Photos courtesy of Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay.


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