The Travelling Trooper Explores Byron Bay

The next morning, we drove the final 90 minutes to Byron Bay and parked by the beautiful Cape Byron Lighthouse.

IMG_2383IMG_2385IMG_2380IMG_2380 (2)


From there, it was just a few minutes to Little Wategos Beach. This is Australia’s most easterly beach.


This morning, it was also our own personal beach!

Little Wategos is a tiny little nook of a beach. It sits just around the bend from Wategos Beach, which is where most people go.

After a nice long session of swimming, reading, and relaxing, it was time to hike over and check out the rest of the beaches in the area.


We got as far as Main Beach before these menacing clouds chased everyone away, but I’m happy to say that Little Wategos was my absolute favourite. There’s nothing like having an entire beach to yourself. Now I see why all those billionaires buy their own islands.


Trevor and I had to hustle to get back all the way to car on the eastern end of Byron Bay before the rain caught up with us. We didn’t quite make it in time.

Since we weren’t able to find a host in Byron Bay, we had to settle for a hostel. Considering how much of a tourist attraction Byron Bay is, I was pleasantly surprised to find Nomads Byron Bay Backpackers cost only $30.

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on the blog and befriending a couple roommates.


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