The Travelling Trooper Visits Miyajima Island

Our visit to Shirakawago and Gokayama was over. It was time to head back to Hiroshima. We arrived with plenty of time to visit the small island of Miyajima.

Trevor having some fun before we get to the island.


The island is famous for its large torii, which, depending on what time you visit, looks like it’s floating out on the water.

Sadly, when Trevor and I arrived, the tide was out, so there was no floating happening. However, that did mean that we could walk right under the torii, which was also pretty cool.


Meet Byron, the Deer. He looks EXACTLY like a family friend. Exactly. I think he recognized me.


Doesn’t he look a little smug to you?


There was also a temple nearby, but by now, I’ve had my fill of temples, so Trevor and I grabbed some deep-fried scallops instead.

Then we walked around the shop-lined streets while enjoying our ice cream.

Taking selfies in front of the torii…that’s a paddlin’… (Where are my Simpsons fans, dammit!)

Before hopping back on the ferry, we took some time to just sit by the water and enjoy its beautiful song.

Once back in Hiroshima, we grabbed one last dinner with the oh-so-sweet Miki. Sadly, Ryo couldn’t join us because he had a work conference to deal with.

Miki recommended a gyoza restaurant. Gyoza is Japanese for dumplings. We stuffed ourselves with four different flavours of gyoza. They were all drenched in either cheese, green onion, tartar sauce, or lemon, but they were all delicious.

Good food and good drinks with good people = a very happy Uri

We said one last goodbye to Miki and headed to our home for the night. See you in Canada, Miki and Ryo!



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