The Travelling Trooper Hikes Kasugayama Trail

Japan’s first capital was established back in 710 at the site where Nara now sits. (Talk about Throwback Thursday, amiright?!) The shrine of Kasuga Taisha is as old as the city itself. It is dedicated to Honden, the deity that protects the city.

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There are loads of beautiful buildings in the shrine area, but to be honest, after two weeks in Japan, they kind of start to look the same. They have that distinct curved roof. I was more interested in those beautiful lanterns. Each one is donated by a worshiper.


I wish I knew what this room was all about, but it was my favourite part of the shrine. You walk past these curtains, and it’s like you enter a dream. These lanterns glow with their beautiful soft orange light. The mirrors on the wall multiply their numbers, so it seems like you’re in a forest of lanterns.


Speaking of forests…I had one thing on my mind: Primeval Forest. I had read there was a path you could hike through the forest, and that sounded perfect to me. I think Trevor is getting tired of all of our hiking adventures, but too bad for him I’m the one who makes all of the decisions.

Tree hugger


We found the start of the trail.



It was supposed to loop around and bring us back to the shrine once we reached the top of Wakakusayama Hill, but the second half of the trail seemed to be closed, so we took a detour and visited Uguisunotaki Falls.


The hike was absolute bliss. We probably came across a total of six hikers the entire afternoon. Nothing like an afternoon hike to help you clear your mind.

And there’s nothing like a plate of DELICIOUS Japanese food to reward yourself with after a nice long hike. (Sorry for the cheap quality; I was too lazy to reach for my actual camera, so I used my crappy phone camera. Damn, I miss you, Samsung Galaxy S7.)


When I got to the train station, I remembered that it was Kenny’s birthday, so I bought him the perfect birthday gift.


We had a great last night together. It was nice to be treated to a nice family dinner for a couple nights. I’m looking forward to having that again soon enough.


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