The Travelling Trooper Explores Nikko

Nikko was a simple 2 hour train ride north from Tokyo. It’s a nice little town that is wonderfully easy to navigate. You basically have three buses that take you wherever you need to go, including all the major attractions.

Attractions like…the Akechidaira Ropeway, which also featured Penis Mountain, thanks to some hilarious traveller.


While looking across that magnificent view, I noticed a waterfall in the distance. It happened to be our next stop: Kegon Falls.


From there, we walked over to Chuzenji Lake. The woman at the guest house where we were staying had told us about a place called Asai near Chuzenji Lake that served some badass pork. Unfortunately, by the time we reached Asai at 1:40, they had just closed ten minutes earlier for the afternoon. They wouldn’t be open again until 5:00. I had avoided eating anything all morning because I was waiting for that pork. Now I was hungry, and there didn’t seem to be any restaurants open nearby. It’s like all of Nikko had a sudden siesta or something.


So with no food options, we continued on to Ryuzu Falls.


Here’s where I messed up. The final stop was Yumoto Onsen. It’s home to the Yumoto Onsen Snow Festival. From the pictures, it’s supposed to be really nice. They have all sorts of snow and ice sculptures that they light up at night. Unfortunately, Trevor and I arrived a day early. This was all we saw. Other than the snow structures, there was almost no sign of life. There were no people anywhere.


So it was back to the restaurant for us. On the way, though, we stopped by one more waterfall: Yutaki.


There was supposed to be a hike called the Yugawa Path, but when we got to the top of the hill, it suddenly ended.

My stomach didn’t care, though. By this point, we were no longer on speaking terms. We hadn’t eaten anything all day and it was now quarter to five. It was time for some Asai.

There are some meals that stay with you forever. This is one of those meals. I literally shivered when I put that first piece of pork in my mouth. It was a piece of art.



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