The Travelling Trooper Cuddles Some Foxy Foxes at Miyagi Zao Fox Village

ALL THE FOXY FOXES! No words, just foxy foxes to melt your hearts! I can hear your awww’s getting louder and louder as you scroll through the pictures.


The Miyagi Zao Fox Village is a sanctuary for these furry creatures in an enclosed forest area. I’m not sure what their system is, but they have LOADS of foxes at this place, but only a handful are out and about exploring the forest. The rest of them are either caged up or in large enclosures. I’m guessing they probably rotate the foxes.

The “village” sits about an hour out of Tokyo and is pretty expensive to get to–after an hour long train ride, you have to take a $40 taxi to get there. And that’s just one way. There’s a bus that heads back to the train station at 2:15, but I arrived at 1:30, and there was no way I was going to be done gushing over these adorable little critters in 45 minutes–especially since they let guests hold a few select foxes (the less fesity ones) at 2:00!

I’m so happy I went in Winter. I’m sure it’s a different kind of beautiful to see the foxes prancing around (yes, they prance) in the lush green forest, but the white Winter wonderland gave the whole place a magical, fanciful touch. I felt like I was in Narnia or something.

And of course, I couldn’t leave without trying some of the local cuisine.

Once back in Tokyo, it was time to stuff my face.

First up: Anywhere Door. I downed this badass peanut butter and caramel cone with hot and delicious cacao in a flash. I had chocolate all over my face, and I couldn’t care less. My taste buds were in Heaven.

Next up: Kawaii Monster Cafe. This place is like if Alice took some ecstacy pills just before going down that rabbit hole.


For the curious minds, that’s ketchup, mustard, wasabi, something with mayo, and cheese. The wasabi was da bomb. Do people still say da bomb?

With my tummy satisfied, Trevor and I continued roaming the streets of Harajuku. That’s when we came across this thing. Who in their right mind would wear this?!


Welcome to Kiddyland!


I wanted to buy everything here. Everything. Well, maybe not everything. But at least everything Adventure Time-related. I spent a good five minutes gazing at those pillows and imagining how nice it would feel to sleep with a soft, fluffy Jake the Dog under my head. How mathematical would that be?!

Alas, I restrained myself, and continued on to the second and third floors…where my childish desires got the best of me. It’s not my fault, though! Blame Trevor! He begged me to get this for him!


And look who we ran into!


We ended the night checking out Pass the Baton, which is a stupidly expensive used goods store that sells obscure and weird second hand stuff. Anybody in the market to buy a Los Angeles Lakers bowling pin? I got a guy who can hook you up.


Our final Tokyo experience was sleeping at an Internet Cafe–or Cyber Cafe, ¬†as they’re referred to here. A couple of friends had told me about this as an option for accommodations, but it sounded really dirty to me. I just imagined some Japanese nerd paying World of Warcraft for 48 hours on end without stopping to eat, poop, or bathe, and then sleeping in that. I mean, maybe he’d stop to watch some porn or something, but that’s about it.

Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. You get all you can drink water, tea, and soft drinks, as well as a freaking shower! The booths themselves are pretty compact. The desk is low to the ground, so you have to sit on the ground and tuck your legs underneath the desk. My booth was pretty much the length of my body and wide enough to comfortably fit myself and my bags. They also give you a complimentary blanket and a pair of pillows. At $20, that’s a steal!


It’s been real, Tokyo! On to Nikko!


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