The Travelling Trooper Rides A Choo-Choo Through The Countryside

Train happens to be my favourite mode of transportation. I love the scenic route. I love rushing by rural, almost untouched countrysides. I love looking out the open door as we pass by endless fields and glistening lakes and majestic mountains. I love the sound of the train roaring down the tracks. I love the snapshots of people’s lives that are glimpsed as you pass by, like a small paragaph excerpt from a much larger story. I love it all.

And so, it was quite bittersweet to say goodbye to Jo and Nok. They were flying back to Bangkok, while Trevor and I boarded a 15 hour train ride from Yangon to Mandalay. We left at 6 am and arrived in Mandalay at 9 pm.

One thing that made this train ride unique, though, was that I’ve never been on a train that rattled around so much. There were times that it felt more like a rollercoaster ride than a train ride. It had us literally jumping out of our seats; it had us weaving side to side so much that I actually thought we were going to tip over a couple times; it was a wild ride!


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