Episode XII: The XII Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody! Since I can’t celebrate Christmas with my family this year, I decided I’d celebrate it with my international family. I called upon many of the beautiful people Trevor and I have met along the way in the past five months, and asked if they would be interested in collaborating on a special Christmas video with me. This video features 74 people from 18 countries singing “The 12 Days of Christmas.”
I didn’t give these people any instructions aside from which lines they were to sing. Everybody added their own unique personal touch to their contributions, which is my favourite part about this whole thing.
Thank you to everybody for taking time out of your very busy holiday schedule to record your clips. Thank you to those who agreed to sing for me despite their fears of the Internets hearing them sing. Thank you to Melanie, who powered through her sickness and still managed to belt out her part. Apologies for the audio on Matt and Ashley’s part; I think I had my finger over the mic when I was recording cuz I’m an idiot.
And one more time, because I can never say it enough, MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!
Trevor and Uri

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