The Travelling Trooper Visits a Souk and a Park in Kuwait

After a painful 26 hour journey to Kuwait, we’d finally made it. Unfortunately, Zak still had one more week of teaching before the winter holiday started, and so we spent my mornings exploring Kuwait on my own.

Since we arrived at 6 am, the first day was mostly just for recovering. The following morning, Trevor and I mustered up the energy to get out and see what Kuwait had to offer.

First up was the Heritage Souk area. It was fairly empty, and quite lacklustre. It was full of shops selling shoes, fabrics, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and offering currency exchange services–all things I didn’t need. So we spent the morning mostly just walking around and looking at stuff.


Found a rare piece of grafitti.
Trevor couldn’t help taking a picture with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in a gift shop.
And I just found these hilarious for some reason. Reminded me of Korea for some reason.


Mosque right beside the market.

After the market, we took another cab to Al Shaheed Park. It was frustrating how difficult it was to get a good taxi though. For one thing, so many of them didn’t know how to get to big landmarks like this park, or even the Heritage Market. Also, half the drivers are glued to YouTube on their phones while they’re driving!


This large golden monument, and the one facing it, symbolize the Kuwaiti Constitution. All of the unique blocks are meant to represent the 183 articles in the Constitution.


Somebody was shooting some sort of promotion with that horse. I quickly snagged this photo before security told me I had to leave. “No photo?” he asked. He heard me reply “No photo,” but what I actually said was, “No, photo.” And that’s why grammar is important, boys and girls!
That one blue tree is really weird looking.


Looks like a bunch of junk, right?
BAM! Once you look at it from the right angle, it all becomes clear. You have to look through a frame that’s placed right in front of the scene.


The day was capped with some delicious Iranian food with Zak and his friends.


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