The Travelling Trooper Hits the Beach

After a late breakfast at Sandra’s, we hopped on some boda bodas and headed for White Sands Beach for a chill afternoon.


The ladies decided to turn the walk home into a photo shoot.

And because I’m an old man, a visit to the beach must be followed by a much-needed nap. Especially if you’re going to go out dancing in the evening. Sandra wasn’t much in a dancing mood, but Jillian, Shilla and I worked it. Thankfully, there was no photo evidence of my dancing.


Love these ladies.

The next day was my very last day in Uganda. This was a weird realization. It’s amazing how in just three short weeks, this country had come to feel like home. I have all of my amazing friends here to thank for that.

I spent the day enjoying one of my favourite pasttimes: playing games! Shilla proved to be an excellent Choro teacher, because I was actually able to win several games against both her and Sandra. (Though admittedly, they occasionally helped me make a good strategic move from time to time.)

Sandra also became obsessed with both Speed and Dobble. I’m spreading the gospel of Dobble all around the world!



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