Metallica Rocks Uganda

The Metallica Bobblehead World Tour spent three glorious weeks exploring the many natural wonders of Uganda. The boys started the tour in the raucous action of Kampala. Standing atop the towering National Mosque, the could glimpse all the madness below.

After rocking the nation’s capital in true Metallica fashion, the guys¬†brought the action to the serene Lake Bunyonyi in Kibale and woke up everybody on the island.

Next, ‘Tallica played scaled the might Mount Rwenzori in Fort Portal and rocked loud enough that the boys and girls in Mbale could be heard screaming, “Exit light! Enter night!”

The tour capped off with a party on White Sands Beach in Entebbe.

The National Mosque is the House that Gadaffi Built
The End of the Line…for our tour of the National Mosque…
Am I Happy? Yes I am! When I’m on Lake Bunyonyi.
Eat your heart out, Otis Redding…
The More I See…of Uganda, the More I Love It.
Nothing Else Matters…When You’re Out On The Water
Riding the Lightning. (Lightning is obviously the name we’ve given the canoe…)
This view…It’s Electric.
Children of the Corn


Poor Twisted Bamboo. (Wanted to go with No Leaf Bamboo, but there are clearly leaves in this picture.)
The Ecstacy of Green
The hike to the top left the boys Broken, Beat & Scarred.
Enter Sandmen

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