Uri Rides a Horse and a Boat (But Not at the Same Time)

After a morning breakfast with a view, Olive and I got on our riding helmets and went for a horse ride. We took a small boat across the river to an island where our horsies were waiting for us. The island had a population of just 400.


My horse’s name was Hay Fever. He was 14 years old. Hay Fever had trouble listening. Our guide rode in front of us, and Hay Fever and I were supposed to stay behind him, but Hay Fever didn’t seem to like this idea. He kept trying to pass them. I guess he felt he should be the leader. Or maybe he just wanted to be with his buddy. Either way, I kept having to reign him in.

Other than that, it was a peaceful little ride.

After a traditional Ugandan lunch of pork on a stick, Olive and I went on a tour of the Source of the Nile.



Olive getting her drink on with a traditional Ugandan drinking cup.
Random donkey


Then it was back to the ol’ lodging with another day in the bag.

We spent the next morning enjoying the pool before checking out–but not before I snuck in some time with my new pals.


I managed to get Olive in the pool for a few minutes. Even though her feet could literally touch the ground, the girl was terrified of the water.

After a cramped bus ride back to Kampala, Olive and I parted ways, and I went straight to Pizza Hut for dinner. I’d been craving it ever since I saw that beautiful red logo a few days earlier. I love Ugandan food, but sometimes a guy just needs some pizza. And apparently East Africans just don’t do cheese. They find it disgusting. If only they knew what they were missing…


Once I packed away that pizza, I went to my host’s place and spent some time playing with this cool little dude.



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