The Travelling Trooper Takes in Some Culture at Vienna’s Leopold Museum

Micha took the next day off and we explored the sights and sounds and tastes of Vienna. We started with the Leopold Museum, which houses work by various Austrian artists, including Mr. Gustav Klimt.

I learned about two very interesting Austrian artists there: Anton Kolig and Egon Schiele. I loved Kolig’s use of thick brush strokes, which almost seem to animate his paintings. And like Micha says, it conveys inner details of the individuals being painted that a realism piece never could. In a way, it’s more intimate that way.


Schiele was a fascinating individual whose life came to a tragic end days after his wife passed away. He sadly died at the age of 28, but not before leaving behind a ridiculous lengthy oeuvre for someone his age. He regarded Klimt as a sort of mentor, but Klimt regularly insisted that Schiele was in fact a far superior artist.


There wasn’t very much by Klimt here, but they did have one of my favourites: Death and Life.


They also had a few other notable pieces.

And a few other random ones that caught my eye. I don’t remember the artists behind these pieces.


Next, Micha took us to this ominous looking building that now houses an aquarium, but was once a Nazi-occupied tower with armed lookout guards. What’s even weirder is that there’s a playground right at the foot of the building. It felt so weird. That’s like turning a mass graveyard into a public swimming pool. Just tear the damn thing down.


The beautiful Karlskirche. We refused to pay eight euros to enter, but at least we got a free Metallica show out of it.


With seven hours of walking behind us, we decided to call it a day and head for home. On tap for the evening: Wubba lubba dub dub! More Rick and Morty!


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