Meet Mum

Mary "Mum" Wanderi is the Founder and Director of Living Positve Kenya. She is the proud mother of every woman who has walked through the LPK doors.


Meet Ann

A profile on Ann, the Community Health Worker for Living Positive Kenya. She was once a member of the LPK support groups herself, but has since gone on to become a symbol of hope and a shoulder to lean on for women with HIV in her community.

Meet Tabitha

Since graduating from LPK's Women Economic Empowerment Program, Tabitha has become a beacon of hope for many of the women of LPK. She works in the LPK office as a receptionist and mentors many of the new women who enter the program bitter about their newfound status.

Meet Naomi

Naomi has gone from living on the streets to working in a salon and providing for her two daughters, thanks to the work of LPK.

Meet Carol

Good fortune graced Carol's life and put her on the path that eventually led her to LPK and a healthy recovery after a good Samaritan offered her shelter, food, and employment.

Meet Beth

Beth is a proud mother, owner of her own butchery shop, and an ambassador for HIV and AIDS awareness in her community.

Meet Helen and Anastasia

A profile on Anastasia and her sister, Helen. Anastasia has been taking care of Helen and her children since she contracted HIV in June. Anastasia is confident, though, that with LPK's support, she will soon have her sister back.

Meet Mary

The third in a series of profiles on the strong women of Living Positive Kenya. This time, we meet Mary--a woman who has overcome stigmatization from her family and Depression and found happiness again in self-love.

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