The Travelling Trooper Visits Saarschleife

From Jena, we rode off to yet another small German town: Homburg. Trevor and I arrived in the evening and were welcomed by our host, Anne Marie. Though she claimed to be shy and afraid of meeting new people, Anne Marie proved to be quite the entertaining host. We spent the first night chatting away until four in the morning. She was not the crazy cat lady she claimed to be. (She has three adorable and friendly cats: Lexi, Captain, and Skadi.)

Despite feeling a bit under the weather, Ann Marie was kind enough to take us on a small tour of the neighbouring area the following morning. We started with this beautiful view at Saarschleife.

We took a detour on our way back to the car, and Ann Marie spent a good half hour practically skipping through the grass hunting for mushrooms with the enthusiasm and eagerness of a child running through a toy store. She bounced from one mushroom to the next, growing more and more excited with every subsequent mushroom that she spotted and picked. When both of our hands reached full capacity, she opened up her umbrella and used it as a sort of bucket for her collection. It was pretty hilarious and amusing to watch.

We stopped an urban mall centre on our way home, where Anne Marie made my stomach scream with excitement. First, she took us to her favourite Austrian chocolate shop. (Anne Marie is Austrian herself.) Good chocolate will bring me to my knees, and so I bought not one, not two, but four chocolate bars.

Next, we hit up an awesome burger place where I happily paid 17 Euros for a damn good brie burger and fries. Worth every cent.

Eventually, we made it back to Anne Marie’s, where we once again proceeded to talk the sun and moon to sleep.

And we played some Dobble, of course. Anne Marie was a worthy adversary. We had many back and forth battles. Good times were had by all.


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