Reykjavik Day 2: The Travelling Trooper Meets Some Familiar Faces

So I had Nutella cheesecake for breakfast today. This is what travel is all about…eating whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want.

More importantly, though, Cafe Babalu, the provider of said cheesecake, has the greatest washroom ever. The part that impressed me the most–more than the music playing–was the fact that the sink faucet glows in the various lightsabre colours.

Next up: The Einar Jonsson Sculpture Garden.

Followed by a view of the city from the Perlan Observation Deck. (Perlan is a new glacier/ ice cave museum the city recently opened up. We figured we didn’t need to visit the museum after seeing the real thing.

Those statues in front of the museum looked like something out of a Doctor Who episode.

Next up, we caught a performance of “How To Become Icelandic In 60 Minutes.”

The reflections on the Harpa building are supposed to resemble the Northern Lights. The ship structure sits just a few minutes away from the Harpa.

The performance itself is a one-man show and is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a guy going through Icelandic stereotypes for an hour. My personal favourite one was the fact that Icelanders can be mean or rude. The example the performer gave was that apparently a typical response when seeing a child–say a niece or nephew–is “How is my little a-hole doing today?” Don’t think I’ll be using that one in the classroom any time soon…

On our way back to our Air BnB, we decided to check out just how manly the Chuck Norris Bar really was. 20170921_115003

I’m sad to say the burger ol’ Charles gave me was sorely disappointing.

However, we made up for it by going to the Dillon Whisky Bar next door and catching some great music!

All was right in the world again, and I went to bed a happy man.


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