Metallica Trapped Under Ice(land)

I know this looks like Where The Wild Things Are, but it’s just that all of Iceland looks like something out of a fantasy book.
Nothing Else Matters except going for a swim in that deliciously warm geothermal water at Reykjakadalur.


One can get Whiplash from looking at all of Iceland’s waterfalls. Welcome to Seljalandsfoss.
You would not be Unforgiven if you mistakened this for Perce Rock in Gaspe, Quebec; but it’s actually Dyrholaey in Iceland.
The Memory Remains of Hjorleifur, the blood brother of Ingolfur Arnason, the first Viking settler of Iceland. The hike up Hjorleifshofdi leads up to his resting place.
The More I See waterfalls in Iceland, the more I fall in love with the place. Welcome to Svartifoss.
“Don’t Tread On Me,” read a sign in front of Jokulsarlon.
Trapped Under Ice. Well, on ice, really. And they’re not really trapped, but you get what I mean. That show damn near melted Solheimajokull.
“On the long and lonesome highway, east of Reykjavik…” Eat your heart out, Abbey Road. Welcome to the Ring Road.
I know these captions are a little bit Overkill, but I can’t stop. Welcome to Dimmuborgir.



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