Episode VI: Trolltunga

Things did not go according to plan in Norway. Flights were cancelled, flights were delayed, commutes were delayed, we didn’t end up having time to travel north to Alta–and yet, Norway still proved to be loads of fun. Click here for the video proof.

We fell in love with the city of Bergen. Sometimes you come across a city, and it just feels like home. Bergen was one of those cities. The art, the mountains, the scenery, the food, the calm pace of everything–it was love at first sight.

Since we weren’t going to have time to go north, we did a long tour through the fjords, and that proved to be a fantastic decision. We rode a rib boat through the fjords, kayaked the fjords, hiked the fjords. It was fjording fantastic!

But as I expected, the highlight of our time in Norway was undoubtedly the hike up Trolltunga. Admittedly, the weather wasn’t ideal when we reached the top, but even the clouds and the rain couldn’t detract from that magnificent view.

As always, a huge thanks to all of our amazing hosts. Thank you to Esteban for the last minute rescue, the Narcos marathon, and your friendship; thank you to Sebastian and Eri for wining and dining us and your overwhelming kindness; thank you to Tiina for the knitting lesson, the bunny, the stories, and the honour of being one of the few recipients of your cooking; and thank you to Eliza and Kasia for making the hike up Trolltunga even more memorable. Y’all are da best!


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