Episode V: Return of Aristotle

This video is basically 40 minutes of the World Air Guitar Championship and Apocalyptica in Oulu, followed by five minutes of sightseeing in Helsinki. I know that sounds ridiculous, but priorities, people. As much as I loved Helsinki, those two events in Oulu were unbelievable memorable experiences that I’ll cherish forever. Apocalyptica was a special treat; they just happened to be playing Oulu the day after the WAGC by coincidence. I thank my lucky stars for that one. One of the best concert-going experiences of my life.

Sorry for the sound quality during some of the performances. Also, I’m sad to say that for copyright reasons, YouTube made me take out the culminating performance of the night, which was when all of the contestants came back onstage to perform the unofficial Air Guitar anthem: “Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young. All I can say is that I can’t think of many sights more beautiful than grown adults in costumes collecting onstage to pretend to play guitar.

A huge shout out to some of the best hosts I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in my travels. Thank you to Arttu for introducing me to your nice friends; thank you to Pablo for being a really fun and welcoming host; thank you to Chiara for understanding my passionate love of pizza and introducing us to that really weird and intense card game, Buraco; thank you to Anne for sharing a lifetime of stories; thank you to Silvi for the laughs, the games, the delicious drinks, and an all-around amazing two nights in the woods; thank you to Tomas, Cecile, and their kids for welcoming Trevor and I into your home, your friendship, your exceptional cooking, and entertaining us with your library of board games. Finland would not have been the same without you all.


Trevor and Uri


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