The Travelling Trooper Picks Up A Couple Of Cool Lithuanian Hitchhikers

I’m combining the last two days we had with Rick the Camper together because it was essentially a lot of driving with some pauses in between to take pretty pictures. No hikes, no glaciers, nothing strenuous. The reason for this is that we spent so much time at the Skaftafell campgrounds that we lost out on a couple days, so we had to make up for lost time to ensure we arrived back in Reykjavik to return the camper on time.

And so, without further ado, I present our last two days with Rick the Camper.

Totally random chair drilled into this rock with no explanation. It would make more sense if the chair was facing the other way because then you can enjoy the view while contemplating your existence, rather than just looking like an idiot on a chair.


About half an hour after taking this photo, we finally stopped for lunch. I grabbed a delicious chile burger and a large beer and paid a whopping $40 for it! It was a reminder of why we’d been eating out of a cooler for the past week.

And with that in mind, we walked across the street to the Bonus grocery story and picked up more supplies.

Now the only reason I mention any of this is because had we not stopped for lunch and groceries, we probably never would have met these lovely ladies:

Meet Ruta (left) and Ieva (right). They’re a couple of hitchhiking university students from Lithuania. They had finished their volunteer work in Iceland and were now off exploring the country. They were great company for the next two days. No more listening to music through my phone for us!

We shared jokes and laughs, talked music and art, and they made the drive go by so much quicker. They also shared something with me about Iceland that was so weird that I had to look it up. I just typed “Iceland app” into Google, and sure enough, it was the first result. Apparently there are so few inhabitants in Iceland that somebody found it necessary to create a dating app for people to check if their potential partner is a distant relative of some sort.

Here’s a link to a CBC story on the app.

They also gave me some homework; they gave me a few Lithuanian and Icelandic musicians to look up. In case you’re curious, names include Color of Bubbles, Garbanotas Bosistas, and Devil Stone.

Looks like a different planet.


Dimmuborgir is the site of lava rock formations. They were both eerie and beautiful at the same time.


Krafla crater


Ducks were very chill about all the campers around them at the Lake Myvatn campgrounds.


Woke up. Ate a quick breakfast. Cleaned up. Brushed my teeth. Packed up. Drove off the campgrounds heading towards Reykjavik, and who did I immediately see waiting on the side of the road? Ieva and Ruta, of course. This worked out nicely, because we had another seven hours of driving to get to Reykjavik. Ruta and Ieva were with us for most of that drive before I dropped them off in a tiny little town.

A view of Akureyri. It’s been called the Heart of the North, a gem, and Lonely Planet even called it one of the best places in Europe in 2015. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stop in, so we kept on going. The hearts in the red traffic lights was a nice touch, though.
Barnafoss would be our last waterfall in Iceland. However, it unfortunately has a sad story behind the name. Barnafoss translates to Children’s Waterfall. The folktale goes that a pair of boys were told to stay home while the family went to church. They got bored while the family was away, they ventured out, and they fell into the waterfall. When the family returned, they followed the boys’ tracks, which seemed to disappear into the waterfall. Here’s where the story has some variations. Some stories say the mother had the bridge destroyed so no other children would suffer the same fate; other stories say the mother had the bridge cursed so that anybody who crossed the bridge would suffer the same fate as her children, and then an earthquake destroyed the bridge; and yet another variation says that the mother’s curse was what caused the earthquake, as that was her way of ensuring that no other children died in the falls.


Went in search of a lagoon, found an extremely fluffy and friendly dog. I’ll take it.



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