Trevor the Travelling Trooper Does Stonehenge

The Drew Tour officially came to an end today. The plan was to visit Stonehenge, and then Drew would drop us off at the nearest bus terminal so we could catch a bus to London and he’d head home to Newcastle to spend quality time with his nephew.

I won’t say much about Stonehenge, only because I feel it’s something that needs to be experienced firsthand. Despite being overly touristic and crowded, the site still somehow manages to feel rather intimate. Perhaps it has to do with the interesting information that’s shared on the audio guide, but it just had a sacred feeling to me, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in any church of any sort.

And no, the feeling had nothing to do with aliens.

My one regret is that we didn’t have more time to explore the area around Stonehenge because we were on a tight schedule.


Anywho, on to London!

Upon arriving in London, the first thing we had to do was secure transit passes. This was a learning experience for me. It taught me to appreciate what we have with the TTC in Toronto. Sure, the Tube is a much more intricate network than our TTC, but holy crap, their prices are criminal! For three full days in London, I paid $50 per person! Granted, I was able to get $15 back in unused credit at the end of those three days, but that’s still ludicrous! It’s not like we were riding the trains up and down every day; we typically just used the Tube in the morning to get to where we were going, and in the evening to get back home. For the most part, we walked everywhere during the day. And we still managed to each use $35. That’s just in three days! Imagine having to ride that every day!

I was devastated at having to fork over so much money so quickly upon arriving in London. Of course, Doris being the best travel buddy a guy can ask for, she offered to treat me to a burrito. She knows me so well…



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