Trevor Does Fashion

A funny thing happened the following morning. Trevor and I went outside to snap a couple photos with the cows that were nearby. Trevor posed in front of one cow…and then slowly…others became intrigued. It soon felt like we were shooting an album cover for Trevor and the Moo Croo.

The rest of the Drew Tour company eventually woke up, and we set off for Bath.

Our first stop turned out to be the surprisingly entertaining Fashion Museum. Most who know me know that that’s the last place I’d typically want to go. Most days, you’ll find me wearing funny-looking socks, jeans, and a band T-shirt. However, it was actually interesting to learn about the evolution of techniques, designs, technology, trends, etc.

Having said that, though, two thoughts kept running through my head the entire time: 1) How the hell do you go to the bathroom in one of those? I mean, what if you have a brutal case of diarrhea or something? 2) By the time you get all of that clothing off, sexy time well past, and you’re probably ready for bed.

Halfway through the museum, it was time for dress-up!

The second half of the museum was dedicated more towards the advancement of fashion up until today. There were some gems in there.

Then there was this crap.

Doris and I did the next part of the Drew Tour on our own, since Romeo wanted to have some quality time catching up with his Mrs., who was back in Thailand. While the Baths were indeed cool, and I remember thinking some of the information was interesting, both Doris and I were rather knackered, as the locals say. At one point, both Doris and I started dozing off listening to one particular section of the audio tour. I also almost fell asleep waiting for Doris to come out of the washroom.

Needless to say, Doris and I didn’t give the Baths the attention they deserved, and so we probably didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as we should have.

We joined back up with Drew and went for a slight stroll before heading back to the car.

Not quite yet ready to go back to camp, we stopped in a nearby pub and did what had become second nature for us at that point–we played cards. Drew taught us a game called S**thead, and Doe and I proceeded to beat him senseless. Call it beginner’s luck.


Drew and I also taught Doris how to play Texas Hold ‘Em–because that’s what a good older brother does. We proceeded to play a quick Hold ‘Em tournament using the condiment packets as chips. Ketchup was 50, brown sauce was 100, relish was 20, etc. We tried to keep it as close to Canadian currency as possible. Somehow, despite winning the fewest hands, I came out on top. Not sure how that happened.


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