The Travelling Trooper Picks Strawberries

We were sad to leave Edinburgh, but I was excited to visit the Shetland Islands. Our ferry was leaving from Aberdeen, so that was where we were headed. On the way, we drove by a sign that read Cairin Mega Maze, and I got way more excited than a 32 year old man should be when they read the words “Mega Maze” should get. Aberdeen could wait. The ferry wasn’t until the evening, and I had a maze to conquer.

When we got there, we discovered that it was also a strawberry picking farm. The day was getting better and better! And they had sweets! And cheesecake! I was in Heaven! Thankfully, Doris was there with me to be the responsible adult in the situation, and we opted not to pay the 6 pounds to enter the children’s play area, which is where the maze was found. This, despite the fact that the children’s play area–which was packed with children playing, and did not include any fully grown men playing anywhere–also featured trampolines. Trampolines, people! Kids have all the fun, dammit.

We picked and ate strawberries to our hearts’ and bellies’ content, then stuffed our faces with food and cheesecake before continuing on to Aberdeen.


By the time we got to Aberdeen, though, we didn’t have much time before we had to be at the ferry terminal, so we took a quick stroll through a botanic garden and visited a nearby cathedral.


On to Shetland!


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