The Travelling Trooper Does the Ring of Kerry

The beautiful thing about roadtrips is their simplicity. This day was a one-day roadtrip around the Ring of Kerry. For the most part, our plan for the day was drive, stop, walk around, repeat. Simple. And I loved every minute of it. I’d drive, and suddenly, my eyes compelled my feet to press on the break and park on the side of the road to take some photos. Then we’d drive some more, and it’d happen again. Our host, Jason, had given us a pretty good idea of the places we needed to check out along the way, but sometimes, I just needed to stop. Like here:


Or here:


The beauty of the Ring of Kerry never ceased to amaze us.


We eventually made our way to Fogher Cliffs and Geokaun Mountain on Valentia Island. The clifs themselves stand a majestic 600 feet tall. The best part? You could drive to the peak. This made Doris’ day.


What made my day, though, was the ice cream at the end of it all. We saw sign after sign promoting this one ice cream shop, and as it just so happens, we both find it very hard to say no to ice cream–particularly if one person even hints at it. We could very easily have a conversation that goes as follows:

Doris: “Hey look…there’s another sign for the ice cream shop…that’s interesting…”


Doris: “Heheheh…”

Or maybe the conversation might go:

Uri: “Hey Doe, look! Ice cream!”

Doris: “I’m not hungry.”

Uri: “Hey Doe, look! Ice cream!”

Doris: “I’ll have a vanilla, please.”

Uri: “Huzzah!”

And so we got ice cream.

There was also a lighthouse, but there wasn’t anything of particular interest there. It looks pretty, though.


What should have been a peaceful drive back to Jason’s was interrupted (as was Doris’ slumber) by my impromptu decision to park on the side of the road after seeing some tourists coming back from a hike that seemed to have popped out of nowhere. Doris lived under constant threat of me doing this all the time during our month together. I’d see a trail or something scenic and look at her with big eyes and a wide smile that screamed–a facial expression that translates to “Y’wanna go?!”  Half the time she’d plead, “Uri, no!” and I’d cave. This was not one of those times. I excitedly woke her up, and we set off on our quick little detour.


We got back to Jason’s and enjoyed a nice long chat with our host before heading off to bed.



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