The Travelling Trooper Does The Kylemore Abbey


This would be our last full day in Ireland, since we’d be heading up to Belfast in Northern Ireland the next day. Like every other day, it was filled with gorgeous sites every which way. All you had to do was park and look around.


Our destination for the morning was Kylemore Abbey.


In Connemara, there once lived a wealthy politician and businessman by the name of Mitchell Henry. This man had two loves in his life. One was his wife, Margaret, while the other was his country.

The lovely Margaret

And so, he professed his love to the two of them by building Kylemore Abbey. The castle was for his wife, but it was also meant to show ” what could be achieved in the remote wilds of Connemara” and show off “all the innovations of modern age.”

Sadly, Margaret died at the age of 45 after catching a bad fever in Egypt. Henry built a small, but beautiful memorial church a short walk from the castle to honour her.

The school was eventually bought by Benedictine nuns from Belgium who had fled Ypres during World War I. They would go on to open an international boarding school. The women who attended the school showed a clear love for the place. It was evident in the number of women who returned for events and ceremonies.

The castle itself didn’t impress me much–though the reasoning for its construction certainly did. It was actually the memorial church that I found to be far more enchanting. It sat atop a small hill, with a beautiful backdrop behind it. If it had been a sunny day, I’m sure the Heavenly lights would have been shining down on it.


Inside, there was a woman mesmerizing a revolving crowd of revellers with her harp. I don’t think there’s a more relaxing sound than the harp. It’s like pixie dust for your ears. I might have to download some harp music for times when I want to relax or take a nap. I’ve always said that one day, I’d like to live somewhere where I could have a room dedicated entirely to hammocks. I want a room full of hammocks, complete with tall windows so that all the light can shine through on sunny days–and now I think I’ll install speakers so harp music emanates from the walls.



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