The Travelling Trooper Does The Aran Islands

With my feet still aching from the ingrown toe nail situation, the plan for the day was to was to bike around the Aran Islands at our own pace. However, once we got to the island we were quickly and easily convinced to take the bus tour instead. It was hands down the right call to make. The island is full of hills, and everybody we passed on the bus looked absolutely miserable and exhausted. Plus, we got to hear some interesting facts:

– There are 5, 000 kilometres of rock walls on the island–mainly because they don’t know what else to do with the rocks.
– Electricity finally came to the island in 1975.
– As soon as electricity arrived, the population growth tapered. (They got television.)
– There’s always one police officer on duty.
– If you’re injured, it’s only an 8 minute helicopter ride to Galway University Hospital.
– Their lighthouse was built too inland for it to be of any use. Oh, Ireland…
– The bank is open once a week.
– The cliffs of Dun Aonghasa are 2, 500 years old.
– The island was inhabited by Celts 4, 000 years ago.

Doris toyed with the idea of getting a wool sweater for ages, but ultimately, opted to save her money for a Claddagh ring once we got back to Galway instead. I kept urging her to just splurge and buy both, but as was often the case in our time together, Doris had to play the responsible adult in the situation.

My personal highlight from our time on the island was that I finally got to taste the much talked about Irish stew. For whatever reason, we’d had zero luck finding stew anywhere. I’m happy to report that it lived up to the hype!


The day ended with a visit to the beach. Doris claims to be part turtle because she loves the water so much, but I actually think she’s part polar bear. There’s no such thing as cold water to that girl. She’ll go swimming in waters I wouldn’t dare stick my toe into.

And so, we watched the sun set on another day.


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