The Travelling Trooper Does Street Art

Street art tour! This tour was extremely informative and a lot of fun. Rachael, our guide, took us on a nice long tour of Shoreditch, which is where a lot of London’s graffiti is concentrated. The first thing we learned on the tour is that it is actually illegal to graffiti in the proper city of London. The fun started once we stepped out of the historic centre and business district.

This street is known as Alphabet Street because Ben Eine was commissioned to paint the lower case letters of the alphabet on store fronts in order to bring in more tourists to the area.
This piece was done to promote a Halloween sale/event of some sort.
Later on, though, another local artist came in and stole their thunder by painting a portrait of Jack the Ripper’s last victim in honour of all who fell victim to the infamous murderer. I believe the girl had been killed nearby. The original artist responded to the piece by creating his own portrait of the same girl.


This was my best attempt at trying to capture this piece in a one-shot panorama.
This piece was done by an artist who carries the same name as the infamous boxer. He said he always felt connected to Mohammed Ali in some way because of the name.


The father seen in this painting was a central figure to the community until his passing. He owned a restaurant, which he named after his daughter. The restaurant was eventually sold, but not before this painting was done in his honour.


Simple, but effective.
Again, simple, but effective. A white man and a Muslim woman holding hands.


I loved the piece on the left after I was told what it is. It’s a painting of a Palace Guard who’s essentially letting his guard down.
I think we all feel like that sometimes.


This portrait was one in a series of portraits done in order to honour and recognize everyday heroes and women who need to be shown more recognition. This first one is the artist’s wife. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who the other women are.



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