The Travelling Trooper Does Bristol

As I said, we met up with Drew in Chester after leaving Liverpool. Drew is a buddy from my time in Korea. He’s a fellow music lover, a history buff, a kind and generous chap, and for a few days–our unofficial trip planner.

We walked around for a few hours in Chester, catching up on the past few years, taking in some art, and trying to avoid the rain.

I also managed to find this hilariously-named beer.


From Chester, we headed for our camp site for the evening. We were sleeping on a beautiful farm where there had recently been a wedding. We spent the night much like how we’d end up spending the next few nights: drinking and playing cards in the tent with the aid of Drew’s head lamp.

Next up on the Drew Tour was Bristol. We drove to our next campsite and ventured off to explore the neighbourhood of Clifton, which coincidentally, includes the Clifton Bridge. The bridge links Bristol with North Somerset. Drew would want me to tell you that the bridge was designed by a very important engineer, but I can’t for the life of me remember the chap’s name. Let’s call him John. John was a very smart man, and he did other smart and important things. (This is why I always did terribly in History.)

Unfortunately, after our meal, it was that weird time in the evening where everything is closed/closing down, but it’s still too early for the night festivities to start. And so, we settled for the Coronation Tap, a popular local drinking hole and music spot. Alas, there’s a whole lotta nothing going on when university classes are out and the students disappear; so we had our one drink each and headed back to camp.


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