The Travelling Trooper Does Beatlemania

Our first few days in England were in Liverpool, which of course, meant that it would be all Beatles, all the time, for the spirit of Beatlemania is alive and well in my sister. Penny Lane. Cavern Club. The Beatles Story. For Doris, this was a Holy pilgrimage. Day one would be the Beatles Story museum.

I’ll let her summarize the experience in her own words:

“I felt pretty dang happy.” That’s teenager-speak for “It was the single greatest experience of my entire existence!” She added, “If I didn’t like them so much, I would’ve been more tired.”

Of the museum itself, Doris said, “It was a really well thought out place. It wasn’t lacking in information. I liked how they went through all the different albums, because they’re all so different. They set up the rooms like the albums–like the yellow submarine.”

Day two would be the Magical Mystery Tour. It included stops at Ringo’s childhood home, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, and quick visits to Paul’s house and Lennon’s house. However you can’t actually go into the homes unless you book a tour with National Trust, since the homes themselves are owned by the organization.

The tour ended at Cavern club, where we were treated to some familiar tunes.

We capped off our time in Liverpool with a performance of A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. It’s hard to tell by the picture, but there are words on the walls and ceiling that say “Time” and “Space”.

I was very curious how they would adapt that novel into a play and bring the child’s mind to life, but they did it extraordinarily well. The actor who played the main lead was absolutely brilliant, and the choreography was exceptional–particularly in the last scene of the first act. Organized chaos.

We headed towards our host’s place with smiles on our faces.

We didn’t know it when we got there, but that night would run particularly late, as our host, Andrea, decided to introduce us to a variation on Scrabble, which includes various “trickster” cards, like making a letter that’s usually worth one point worth ten. The game went long, but yours truly emerged victorious–by one point!


20170730_020601The next day, we headed to Chester to met up with Drew, an old friend of mine, in Chester. While we waited out the rain and waited for Chester to arrive, Doris and I played a round of actual Scrabble. The bar just happened to have a pile of board games in the corner. The only reason I won that game was because Doris misplayed one turn towards the very end on her second last turn. She would’ve beaten me by about 12 point, but instead I won by 3 or 4. Andrea has created a brilliant monster.



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