The Travelling Trooper Does A Couple More Touristy Things in London

Our last full day in London was a slow day: Tower of London, London Bridge, St. Dunstan in the East, and Globe Theatre.

Tower of London: 28£ apiece?! No thank you.


London Bridge: Seen it. Next.


St. Dunstan in the East: A beautiful garden hiding in a 900-year old church that was mostly destroyed during the Blitz in World War II. However out of the ashes of that terrible violence, the city gained a place of tranquility. The church ruins have become the perfect place for a quiet lunch or a moment of reflection. Or to take silly pictures of your toys–whatever.

Globe Theatre: We unfortunately didn’t have time to take in a tour of the venue or to catch a show–but at least I snapped a picture! Did I win Tourist Bingo?!


Actually, what we did get was a little bit more time with our newest friend, Melanie. She joined us for a bit of our walk. So there’s that.

We wrapped things up by going for dinner with our host, Lucia.

Oh! And I almost forgot! Beigel Bake on Brick Lane! Perhaps second only to the Harry Potter tour, this was THE highlight to our time in London. I will never get the taste of those mouth-watering salt beef bagels out of my mouth. Just thinking about them is making my mouth water.

Beigal Bake is a 24/7 bakery that has been around since forever apparently. There is always a line to score one of their delicious bagels, no matter the time of day. The finishing touch is the strongest mustard I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Doris and I were coughing up a storm like a couple of teens who just took their first puffs of weed when we took our first bites of those bagels. That mustard has one hell of a fierce bite!

So to wrap things up, our experience of London in a nutshell: Strawberry Tours and Beigal Bake.

I will return to you one day, my beloved Beigal Bake. I promise.


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