That Time We Got Lost In The Middle of the Night Hunting Down A Bag of Chips

We didn’t do anything of interest at all this day, mainly because I was starting to develop a serious limp on one leg because of my feet, and I could no longer ignore the problem. I needed to see a doctor, and I needed to rest my feet. And that’s exactly what we did that day.

The only reason I’m writing about this day is because of what happened that night. Doris and I both got a sudden craving for chips. Not just chips…Cool Ranch Doritos chips. Our stomachs were apparently beautifully synchronized. I don’t even remember who initiated it, but once the idea was out in the universe, we both knew it was happening.

The thing is…it was 11 pm…and our host lived in the middle of nowhere…and I’d forgotten to charge my phone, meaning we wouldn’t have data…which meant we wouldn’t have any means by which to make our way back to the house…but we went anyway, hoping that we’d be able to find our way back without my phone…because our minds are controlled by our stomachs.

I told our host, John/Paul, (I could never remember which Beatle he was) where we were going, and he informed us that we had about 5 minutes before the gas station nearby closed.

Sure enough, as we pulled in, the two gents working there were closing up shop. I got our two bags and ran back to the car. (In our defence, they were not very large bags. They were in between the small $1 bags and the large regular sized bags. Don’t judge us.)

Now, we struggled to find John/Paul’s house in broad daylight, let alone at night time, so we knew it was going to be a challenge. His directions to get to his place at been something along the lines of “After the bridge with the potted plants, take a left.” This thing was about as much of a bridge as speed bump is a mountain. We drove past this so-called bridge three or four times and never saw it–again, in broad daylight. In the darkness of night, we ended up driving a good 10 minutes past the bridge. I was certain that it was coming up soon…until I reached a point where I was certain that we’d passed it.

That’s when I realized we’d just recently bought a car charger for my phone! It was so new I’d completely forgotten all about it. I plugged it in, and suddenly the entire inside of the car was glowing in the radiant light of my phone screen. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Google Maps guided us home, and we were able to enjoy our delicious Doritos from the comfort of our beds, rather than the darkness of our car, parked on the side of the road–which is where we would have ended up spending the night, had we not had that car charger.

Best ten bucks I ever spent.


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