Meet Fabio

Alright, so we have to take it way back to Florence for this one. You might recall the night I spent homeless on the streets of Florence with my new pal, Fabio. If you don’t, take a click here.

Well, I asked Fabio to share his story with me, and this is what he had to say:

Honestly I’ve absolutely no idea what to say; but thinking about how I met you and how our beautiful FRIENDSHIP was born in a very short time, why not speak about this?!

My name is Fabio. I’m a 48 year old Italian from Reggio Emilia. I’m an interior designer. I’ve been separated for 5 years now. I have a wonderful daughter who is close to her 17th birthday. And unfortunately, I am single at the moment.

I said unfortunately because I believe in couples. But sadly, my relationship that gave me back my confidence in love for the last two years ended this past Spring. She’s gone, and it hurts a lot.

Who and what helped me ?? What lifted my spirits?

The unconditional love of my daughter and the affection of my family and FRIENDS–my new extended family!

My daughter Valentina, a teenager who is becoming a marvellous woman with an extraordinary brain, has transformed a father-daughter relationship into a new one, where we’re trusting friends first. We talk and joke and stay togheter like people of the same age!

The love that I feel for her has become even more irrepressible. It is so strong that I’m touched in my heart just speaking about it.

Aside from my daughter, I have my family–the one with my mum and sister. They are close to me, caring about me all time. I am always assured to have a hug to take me home.

Lastly, I have my FRIENDS. The true ones, whether male or female, are the people to share your feelings with openly. They are always present in times of need! There are a small number of goods and indispensable friends–a cirle of “true” people–who gave me so much. I’m sure that it’ll be repaid.

And how you can have good FRIENDS?

It’s easy! Be humble, be honest, and love unconditionally. It’s not so hard, even if it sometimes seems so.

Society, made up of appearances and social networks, often confuses us. We believe in the wrong things when the simple and ancient ones are the satisfying ones, the beautiful ones.

Simply be yourself. Do how me and Uri have done. A smile, a handshake, five hours of small talk, and we suddenly have a new FRIEND, a true one.

Even if the distance is big, it is beautiful to think of the day when we will meet again. Where, we don’t know; but I’m sure nothing will change between us.

Love, people. Always put it out there, and follow your heart in everything you do.


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