Episode II: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub (Ireland)

Click here to watch our Ireland video. (Be warned: It’s 42 minutes long.)

Uri, Doris, and I spent ten spectacular days taking in one breathtaking view after another across Ireland. It had been on all of our bucket lists for quite some time, and it didn’t disappoint. You could feel Dublin’s pulse among the people, which stood in stark contrast to the calmness of Cork. Galway was that quiet and shy child with an artistic streak. Belfast, though we weren’t there very long, came across as a bohemian paradise, what with its huge university presence and all.

But once again, as will likely be the case for most of the countries we visit, it was the people that stole our hearts. Iva was the happy-go-lucky sweetheart with a contagious laugh. Jason was the thoughtful one with a heart of gold. Ksenia and Andrejz (pronounced Kissenia and Anjay) were the quirky and gut-bustingly funny aunt and uncle we all ought to have. We loved Mona and Christian so much that we secretly wished we could buy the house beside theirs and become their neighbous/best friends. They were the kindest people any of us have ever met. And if Andrezj was our cool uncle, Conor was the hip and smart older cousin we all secretly want to grow up to be like.

It truly was grand, Ireland. Until next time. For now, it’s off to Beatlemania.

PS: Huge thanks to Lauren Bird for providing the music! Check her out on bandcamp, Facebook, and on her own site.


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