And Then There Were Three.

Uri was giddy with excitement to pick up Doris. After waiting for over an hour, she finally walked through the doors and the two embraced. It was rather touching.

Now it was my turn to get excited. We were getting a car! It was a tint little black thing called a Citigo, but it was our little black thing!

Uri got behind the wheel and immediately felt stupid. We all did. The car wouldn’t turn on, and we couldn’t figure out why. Uri started making “Vroom!” sounds to “encourage” the car to turn on. We all laughed at him. We eventually figured out that you have to press down on the brakes as you turn the key to turn it on.

Next step: Figuring out how to drive on the other side of the road. Apparently it’s rarher disorienting at first–even for the passenger. Both Uri and Doris would later sit down in the wrong seat at one point or another because they somehow forgot what country we’re in.

The biggest issue, though, which took Uri the better part of 4 or 5 days to master, was the narrow width of the roads. We hit the passenger side rear view mirror on parked cars (and one cyclist) on several occasions while trying to avoid oncoming traffic. Don’t worry…the cyclist seemed unfazed. It probably happens all the time here.



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