Episode III: Beatlemania

Trevor, Doris, and Uri have left Belfast by ferry and landed on the shores of the birthplace of the legendary Beatles. Doris is pretty much losing her mind with excitement. This is her Holy pilgrimage. From LIverpool, they head to Chester, where they meet up with Drew, a friend of Uri's from Korea. The foursome travel to Bristol and Bath together before parting ways. Along the way, they partake in some camping, play a whole lot of cards, steal some books, learn about the history of fashion, as well as the history of cheddar cheese. Go Figure. With Drew gone back home to Newcastle, our trio head to London, where they embark on a few walking tours, learning about Harry Potter, street art in London, and the history of Soho. They befriend a couple of fellow Canadians on one of these tours, and everybody has a merry old time. There were also salt beef bagels involved. Oh, those salt beef bagels.


Episode IV: The Fringe Awakens

Our travelling trio land in the middle of one of the larges festivals in the world: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The city is overrun by thespians! Leaving the maddening crowd behind, Trevor, Doris, and Uri head for the Shetland Islands in search of beautiful landscapes. What they find is a whole lot of terrified sheep, some funny looking ponies, and an entire island populated by the sweetest people you ever did meet. On their way to Loch Ness, they meet the White Witch of Narnia, who actually melts their hearts with kindness. Things get even wilder when they arrive in Loch Ness. That's where they meet the real-life Rubeus Hagrid, who oddly enough, heads the Weasley household. And later still, they ride the Hogwarts Express from Fort William to Mallaig and Back! Scotland: The place where fantasy becomes reality. There's a reason the unicorn is their national animal.

Meet Logan’s Close

We interviewed a couple of jokesters by the names of Scott Rough and Carl Marah. They're the rhythm and lead guitarists for the 60's-inspired rock 'n' roll band Logan's Close out of Edinburgh.

Meet Fabio

My pal Fabio talks about how his daughter and those closest to him helped lift his spirits during a difficult time.

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