Episode 1: The Journey Begins (Italy)

The big day finally arrived, and Uri and I flew out to Italy to start this crazy adventure. Here is a video documenting the first chapter. We spent ten days exploring Pescara, Florence, Verona, and Venice. Many of the highlights weren’t captured on video, though, so here is a list of ten of our favourite moments, in no particular order. What you’ll see in the video is a celebration of art, architecture, and history; but what captured our hearts in Italy–as is evident by our list–was the generosity and the hearts of the people we came across.

10: Seeing Michaelangelo’s David
9: Meeting up with Jenny and Josh for pizza in Florence
8: Catching up with Kevin and Fiona over pizza and an opera
7: Spending a night at a 24/7 McDonald’s with our new friend, Fabio
6: Meeting Michela and her family
5: Learning how to make pizza
4: Exploring Burano Island
3: Meeting Rodrgio and his crazy crew
2: Getting lost in Venice and meeting up with Ganz
1: Spending the entire weekend at the beach in Pescara with an amazing group of people

Note: The music on the video is courtesy of Ganz and his band, On My Arms. They’re from Venice. You can check out their bandcamp website at https://onmyarms.bandcamp.com/


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