Meet George

01pescaraFor those who don’t know, Pescara is a lovely little beach town a two hour drive east from Rome. Just as Trevor and I were about to set foot on the warm sand, this Nigerian dude emerged out of nowhere, seemingly popping out from behind a lamp post. He held long colourful threads of yarn in his arms and offered to make me a bracelet. I was in great spirits, so I humoured the guy.

I’m glad I did.

This is his story.

My name is George. I was a DJ back in Nigeria. I’ve lived in seven countries. Now Italy is my home. I like it because I can make it my home. I am like a bird. It doesn’t matter where I fly, I always return home because home is wherever I land. Now Pescara is my home. But Nigeria is my resident home. When I have children, I will tell them that Nigeria is their home.


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