A Stroll Through Verona


Verona was a chill welcome from the chaos that was Florence. Uri and I somehow found the energy to spend the day culling every nook and cranny of the city for interesting information and beautiful sites with the help of our trusty app, Izi Travel.

01 verona
Couples proclaim their love in the tunnel leading to the courtyard where Juliet’s balcony is found.
02 verona
The statue of Juliet was made in 1972 by an Italian sculptor. Rubbing Juliet’s right breast is believed to bring one good luck. It’s very weird and hilarious to see little children who are so short they can barely reach her breast to try and give it a rub.

03 verona

04 verona
The palazzo where Juliet’s home is locatedbelonged to the Capello family. They were a rich Vionese family associated with the Capulets. While the Montagues were their rivals, they actually led battles within the city against other families. A guy proposed to his girlfriend atop the balcony while we were there.
Castelvecchio was built in 1376. Its position made it crucial to Verona’s defence. The bridge also served as a road for military support from neighbouring territories, as well as a way of escape. The observation tower was a centre of control over thecity and its banks along the Adige River.
View from Castelvecchio


The Arena di Verona is a Roman amphitheatre in the heart of the city. It actually regularly hosts operas and concerts. It was built at the beginning of the 1st century AD under Emperor Augustus.

030 verona29 verona27 verona026 verona

At the end of our self-guided tour, we went to meet Rodrigo, our host for the night in Verona. Rodrigo introduced us to his girlfriend, Julia, as well as his mother. He and his mom moved to Italy from Paraguay and quickly embraced it as their new home.

Rodrigo is a long-haired punk rocker with a wild streak and a warm heart. Julia is his counter balance, and they just make perfect sense together. His mother is a lovely and welcoming mother who is perfectly comfortable welcoming the strangers that her son brings by into her home. I love that.

We left with Rodrigo and Julia to a nearby park for a Couch Surfer meetup. We got to meet many of his fellow CS hosts. They were a bunch of characters. For example, there was a large group of people gathered nearby for what appeared to be a folk dance meetup. They had traditional Italian music playing, and so one of Rodrigo’s friends responded by blasting Tupac from his phone.

As the party winded down, Rodrigo inssted on taking us to a beautiful vista of the city. It was a great way to cap an all-to brief stay in a charming city.


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