A Short Time Ago, in A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Hello Earthlings,

My name is Trevor. Welcome to my travel blog. Thank you for stopping by. My goal is to explore your planet for the next year in order to meet inspiring people, step out of my comfort zone, and “find myself,” if you will. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth.

You see, a short time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

After I finished school, I immediately joined the Galactic Empire because it seemed like that was what society, my friends, and my parents expected me to do. I joined the good fight to make my parents proud and to provide for them.

However over time, I started feeling like I was losing sense of my individuality. I was losing sense of who I was beneath the mask. The Empire was changing me, co-opting my values and ideals. In a spur of the moment decision, I dropped everything and visited the lands of Thailand and Cambodia. Those few weeks gave me a newfound sense of clarity.

I returned to the Empire rejuvenated, knowing full well that I had to get out. Alas, I was afraid of losing the financial stability the job offered, and so I opted to take a year leave as a temporary solution and figure myself out. It was time I focused on my own happiness for a change.

And so, for the past couple years, I’ve been putting in the over time to save up money in order to provide for my parents during my year abroad.

So yes, I am a stormtrooper; but don’t worry, you won’t get any political agenda thrown at you from me. In fact, getting away from all of the politics is the very reason I’m here on your planet. I’ve realized that I can’t let the Empire define me, so I’m trying to define myself.

I chose to travel around Earth because I’ve always been fascinated by the planet, its magnificent landscapes, and all Earth culture–particularly the music. While I love all kinds of Earth music, from ABBA to The Zombies, Adele to Zeppelin, Metallica has been my favourite band since I was a kid.

By chance, right around when I started thinking about travelling, I met this Earthling, Uri, on a Metallica chat forum that I frequented. He’s from Canada. (From the pictures he’s sent me, it looks like Hoth, but cleaner.) We hit it off right away, and pretty soon, we were talking about seeing Earth together, following Metallica around on their world tour. I’m a little nervous about travelling with the guy, but at this point, I’ve committed myself, so we’ll see what happens!

Join us on our adventures as we explore the natural beauty, history, food, art, music, and the amazing people that make up your beautiful planet.




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